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Asas de Socorro Vision Statement

Our vision is to serve as an example to others of missionary work in the Amazon Region, in accordance with a Christian worldview of sustainability, so that we may be present in more locations, going further and getting there faster.

Asas de Socorro Mission Statement

We are a Christian missionary organization dedicated to excellence in providing aviation services, humanitarian aid, and community development support in the most inaccessible areas of the Amazon region of Northern Brazil, with the purpose of serving God alongside those living in precarious conditions in those areas.  
+55 (62) 4014-0333

Rua Francisco Valois, Hangar 13, Setor Industrial Aeroporto CEP 75.104-280
+55 (92) 2127-1999  
(62) 99299-1541

Rua Capitão Anísio, 676, Puraquequara, CEP: 69.009-050

Caixa Postal 129, AC. Central, 76.801-974
+55 (95) 3224-2412

Rua Rocha Leal, nº 795, Bairro Centro, CEP 69.301-400, Boa Vista - RR ou Caixa Postal 165, CEP: 69.301-970, Boa Vista - RR
1955 - Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) sends two families from the United States to begin providing aviation services to missionaries in Brazil.

James and Darlene Lomheim
Harold and Elsie Berk
1956 - A damaged Piper Pacer is purchased and James Lomheim and Harold Berk rebuild the airplane in their backyard.

Harold Berk and James Lomheim in the disabled Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer they were rebuilding, tail number: PT-AOR

1957 - The first flights for missionaries are flown out of the city of Cuiabá, Mato Grosso.

1959 - A second Operations Base is opened in the extreme north of Brazil, in the city of Boa Vista.

1969 - Licenses were granted to install HF radios in Boa Vista and in surrounding villages, so the missionaries can have contact with the city and the airplane.

1976 - A third Operations Base is opened in the city of Manaus.

1995 - The transition begins for MAF to hand over local leadership of Asas to a Brazilian Board of Directors and leadership team. Asas is now an MAF Affiliate Program, with all local operations run by national leadership and MAF providing assistance to Asas when requested.

2016 - Asas enters into a formal partnership with Ethnos 360, for Asas to provide pilot and maintenance services for Ethnos 360 aircraft stationed in Brazil.

2017 - Asas enters into a formal partnership with JAARS, so that the two organizations can exchange personnel, equipment and expertise.

The name Asas de Socorro comes from the Portuguese word for wings – Asas,  and the word for help or mercy – Socorro.

Imagine somebody drowning; they yell, "Socorro!"

What is First Aid in Portuguese? First – Primeiro. Aid – Socorro.

Psalm 121:1b – 2: "Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and Earth." What is help in this verse? Socorro.

Asas de Socorro strives to bring God’s help, mercy and aid to those who most need it.


Aliança Evangélica

AMOR - Amazon Mission Organization

AMTB - Associação de Missões Transculturais Brasileiras

A Rocha Brasil



Ethnos 360 Aviation

Flex Gráfica


JOCUM - Jovens Com Uma Missão

Kdalmon Advertising

MEAP - Missão Evangélica de Assistência aos Pescadores

Médicos de Cristo


MEVA - Missão Evangélica da Amazônia

MNTB - Missão Novas Tribos do Brasil

Rede Mãos Dadas

RENAS - Rede Evangélica Nacional de Ação Social



Ultimato Editora

YWAM - Youth With A Mission Worldwide

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